The Perfect Brew – Nookie Enamel Unbreakable Adventure Mug

Here at Nookie we love a good brew, therefore we knew exactly what we wanted when we designed the Nookie Enamel Unbreakable Adventure Mug. What we still struggle to agree on however is how to make that perfect brew. How many scoops of coffee makes the perfect cafetierre? How long should the tea should steep for?

Nookie Enamel Mug
Unbreakable Adventure Enamel Mug (Front)

Nonetheless, we think you’ll agree there’s a timeless charm to our cream and grey Unbreakable Adventure Mug.

Nookie Enamel Mug
Unbreakable Adventure Enamel Mug (Back)


A characterful laser etched (in Cornwall) enamel coated, heavy-duty, stainless steel mug. Designed to get ever more attractive with age, each chip and imperfection brings a new level of uniqueness to each of these mugs. Heat and chemical resistance is achieved with a fused-glass coating. Meaning you are no longer limited to the use of mugs just for drinking purposes; why not try using them to cook a pudding in?

We reckon it will be your new favourite mug. And it’s dishwasher safe. What’s not to love?