The Little Things In Life – Ti Socks

The Nookie Wetsuit Neoprene Ti Liner Socks are often the unsung hero of your kit bag.

These lightweight, stretchy neoprene socks are the perfect choice for a multitude of activities.

The perfect choice inside your kayaking boots or shoes. The neoprene offers good insulation while also being quick to dry at the end of the day. Or as a single layer inside your freestyle playboat or squirtboat kayak (for the more flexible among us!)

They are designed to be easy to put on, the low friction metalite lining glides over your foot. The inner bed is lined with soft jersey so you don’t slip around while walking.

The o-ring around the cuff offers protection from excessive water flushing in, and the pull loop makes them easy to take off with cold fingers.

Great for canoeing, kayaking, sailing, SUP boarding, waterskiing & wakeboarding. Wear them inside your shoes for extra warmth and comfort in the water.

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