We can repair rips, splits, zips and taping problems on any Nookie product. Prices will be given upon inspection.

Clothing must be clean and dry before being sent back for repair work. Wet or unworkably dirty products will not be repaired and returned to the sender. Please allow up to 21 days for items to be repaired & returned.

How to pay for your repair:

Please send your product to us with a completed RETURNS FORM
We can accept payment in a number of different ways, so please indicate in your covering letter how you would like to pay:
• We can call you for payment via credit or debit card over the telephone (please include your best contact telephone number)
• We can email you an invoice with our bank details for you to pay by bank transfer/bacs (please include your email address)
• We can send you an invoice via PayPal (please include your email address)

Cost of seals

Latex inner neck seal £26
Neoprene Ti-Glide neck £35
Latex wrist seals (pair) £18 (£9 each)
Latex ankle seals (pair) £26 (£13 each)
Waist seal (inner or outer) £36
Drysuit socks (pair) £28 (£14 each)

Cost of fitting

Per neck £25
Per single or pair of wrist seals £25
Per single or pair of ankle seals £25
Per waist seal (inner or outer) £25
Per single or pair of drysuit socks £25

Drysuit zips (inc. new zip & fitting)

MasterSeal Dry TIZIP® – 86cm (Main back zip) £130
MasterSeal Dry TIZIP® – 25cm (Relief zip) £90

Drysuit Maintenance

Drysuit pressure test
Have your suit professionally evaluated for maintenance and repair. £30

Drysuit repairs
Quote offered after result of pressure test

Return Shipping

U.K £6
Europe £20
Rest of the world £30