Nookie’s RUSH under fire

Follow me with this test report of the RUSH to Patagonia.

The test conditions in brief:- Test period: 21 days.
– Test area: Chile and Argentina (January / February).
– Test temperature: from 05 °C (07:00 h in the morning) to 25 °C
– Skill level: whitewater III – V

Nookie has designed a new high-end semi dry paddle jacket in their work’s own factory in Cornwall. Loyal to their motto – Quality, Made in the UK – the design, the production and the quality check flows out of their own hand. The result can be seen!

Middle Fuy (Chile) © Alex Ax-Ro

Not only the look of conspicuous yellow, but also the high-quality processing of waterproof, but still breathable combination of EvoTX4 4ply materials are impressive.



The question of the performance is quickly answered. The convincing solution of the glideskin neoprene neck together with the individual adjustable elastic power band enhances this semi dry jacket almost to a dry jacket without losing the “free” feeling of a neoprene neck. On warmer days, I combined the Rush together with the ¾ Neoprene Wetsuit Strides, on colder days with the double waist Bib Dry Trousers. The features are topped of the ergonomic cut, offering a great spectrum of movement, which is usual for a slalom sport jacket.

Upper Fuy (Chile) © Andreas Scherb
Upper Fuy (Chile) © Andreas Scherb

The double waist is very comfortably to pull. The final set-up is reached together with the adjustable outer waist tube and it’s perfectly working velcro. This synergy is categorically damming out the water.


The Rush is a very balanced semi-dry paddle jacket, not only for the extreme creeking athlete. The processing, the wearing comfort and the movement space are conjuring a smile on every face using it for sea kayaking, touring, easy whitewater paddling right up to the heavy waters of Patagonia.

Rio Manso(Argentina) © Thilo Wietzke

See you all on the water and stay always safe!

Team Rider
Alex AX-Ro