A couple of little gems about Nookie.

“I didn’t know that about Nookie.”
It’s always a reminder when we speak to a customer and they utter that sentence that sometimes the things we take for granted are not always that well known. 

Nookie is a small passionate business, not a massive corporation. We do however host a wealth of expertise within our dedicated and experienced team which has been making equipment for watersports since 1991.  That team makes all our drywear in our own factory in Cornwall.

Employing local people, we have increased our U.K production team in the last 12 months to bring you more of the high quality gear you want. Every single Charger Drysuit is pressured tested by us so you can be confident of our quality.

Our phones are answered by that same experienced team, so if the first person you speak to doesn’t have the answer, it won’t be long until you speak to someone who does.

We are fully stocked in all our U.K made drywear this autumn so you won’t be the cold, slightly damp one on the water this season.


River Dart, Devon

We’re really proud of our product range, and love using the gear ourselves.