What’s On Your Christmas Wish List?

Everyone’s been wittering about Christmas shopping for what seems like months now and (like many of us) you’ve chosen to resolutely ignore it. However, you’ve probably had the dawning realisation it’s LESS THAN 2 WEEKS away and you haven’t thought about a single present yet. Do not panic, order before 1pm Thursday 20th December 2018 for FREE U.K. delivery before Christmas . We have compiled a simple selection of our gear that would be a good starting point here:

Nookie for Christmas

We know it’s rather a big selection, but there’s so many things we love in there we thought you might too. Of course, there’s two ways you can use this little bit of inspiration. You could use it as a guide to buy all your family and buddies some great kayaking kit. Or you could pop it in a little message to nudge their shopping in a favourable direction for you.

There’s something for everyone.

From Stocking Fillers:

Enamel Adventure Mug

A great addition to anyone’s kit bag, our unbreakable enamel mug.

Toasty Neo Insul8 Gloves

Fantastic 3.0mm toasty warm neoprene gloves, suitable for all sorts of watersports.

Squidgy Neoprene Foot Mat

To Something Rather Special:

The Revered Charger Drysuit

Why not pair the incredible Charger Drysuit with the hottest onesie around; the Nookie Iceman Polartec thermal?

Black Ice Iceman
Black Ice Iceman

If in any doubt, you can always choose the easy option and give a Nookie Gift Voucher.

Nookie Gift Vouchers