The Little Things In Life – Foot Mat

Nookie 8mm Neoprene Footmat

Sometimes you find the biggest reward from the smallest things. It’s quite easy to over look the simple Nookie Foot Mat. You may not even know of its existence. However, we often find once someone owns a Nookie Foot Mat they wonder how they ever survived without one.

Nookie 8mm Neoprene Footmat
Nookie 8mm Neoprene Foot Mat

Stand on it. Use it in a car park. Use it at the beach. Don’t stand on your spraydeck or your wetsuit. Get changed on the 8mm of pure foot cushioning bliss to protect them from the cold and the rough bits.

There have been many imitations, but none are as thick and squidgy as the classic 8mm Nookie Neoprene Foot Mat. Kneel on it in your open canoe. Have it as your front door mat or in your bathroom. Enjoy the feel and the spongey luxurious comfort.

Perfect for any outdoor adventurer.