Product Care – The Series – Part 1 – Neoprene / Wetsuits

Product Care Wetsuit Neoprene

We often get asked how to look after technical clothing, so we’ve created this series to offer information and advice on our different types of products. If you can’t wait for the whole series, there’s more info here on our ‘Product Care’ page.

In part one we’ve decided to tackle the well known stinky wetsuit. In our range we have a variety of products made of neoprene (wetsuit material) that require the same care as a surfing wetsuit if you wish to prolong their life and keep your friends close.

Nookie Wetsuit Products

Wash By Hand – Clean Fresh Water

Although neoprene is tough and durable, it requires care and regular cleaning to avoid build up of bacteria, grit, oils and salt crystals which can reduce comfort and its useful life.  You should wash your wetsuit/neoprene items by hand after every use in clean, fresh water.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to hang them outside and thoroughly spray them with a hose until the water runs clear. Alternatively they can be submerged in clean water and gently squeezed to remove the excess water before hanging to dry.

Use Very Diluted Detergent

There are specifically designed detergent products available to wash wetsuits, but you can use a heavily diluted mild washing detergent. (This can be laundry detergent without softeners or even mild washing up liquid.) Mix the detergent thoroughly in the water and submerge the item. Wash gently, squeeze out the dirty water, and allow it to soak a little while longer. If the neoprene is especially dirty or grimy, you may want to soak it overnight. Then rinse repeatedly until no more bubbles or suds from your cleaner appear.

Dry Away From Heat and Sunlight

Neoprene products should be drip dried away from direct sunlight or heat sources. (Don’t leave your socks on the radiator.) The heat can damage the rubber and cause it to become brittle and start to lose its stretch. Some neoprene items are heat taped for and extra waterproof seal (like our Spraydecks), heat and UV can cause this tape to fail and peel. That being said, one of the best ways to make sure your wetsuit gear doesn’t smell is to get it properly dry in between uses. Hang it in the shade or a warm room and keep turning it inside out and back the right way every few hours.

The DO NOT’s

We do not recommend putting your wetsuit items in a washing machine. DO NOT put in a tumble dryer. DO NOT use fabric conditioner/softener. DO NOT dry in direct sunlight. DO NOT put away damp.

’Neoprene’ / wetsuit material made from polychloroprene and elastane.

As we always say; look after your gear and it will look after you.