Nookie Ti Vest – The Spring Summer Essential

Nookie Ti Vest Short Sleeve

The Nookie Ti Vest is the answer to your Spring / Summer conundrum. The water’s getting warmer, the weather is improving, but let’s be honest we’re not ready for skins (if we ever are at all in the U.K.). So much better than the traditional ‘Shortie Cag’, (a rather unique concept from the world of kayaking; a waterproof jacket with short sleeves) the Nookie Ti Vest solves the age old question of what to wear when you don’t want a full dry top.

Nookie 1mm Neoprene Ti Vest
Nookie Ti Vest – Short Sleeve

A wetsuit jacket designed for kayakers, not just surfing. One of the most important features are the seamless underarm ‘paddle zones’ which are strategically placed for optimal range of motion and anti-chafe comfort. They are made from just 0.5mm thin super-flex neoprene and lined with soft jersey so you don’t notice they’re there. The rest of the body is a clever 1.0mm Metalite lined neoprene, this reflects your stored body heat back into your body. Neoprene offers wind chill protection as well as close fitting compression benefits to minimise muscle fatigue.

Nookie 1mm Neoprene Wetsuit Ti-Vest Long Sleeve
Nookie Ti Vest Long Sleeve

Whether you are spending a day at the beach, testing out those surf kayaking or SUP’ing skills, or spending an evening at your local canoe club lake, the Nookie Ti Vest is a great choice for comfort. We would say this is the quickest drying piece of paddling kit you’ll ever own. Simply give it a rinse after use, shake it out and hang it on the line and the Metalite liner will be dry to touch and ready to wear in no time. How easy is that?

Chris Hobson – 3 x Surf Kayak World Champion

The cuffs and waist are trimmed with smooth glideskin seals to keep out the water and the waist has an adjustable lockable bungee cord. The chafe-free neck has no seams or stitching on the edges to avoid any irritation.

Nookie Neoprene Short Strides

Why not get out there this Spring and see what the Ti Vest is all about? Pair it with our Nookie Neo Strides (either short, three quarter or full length) and you’ll be set until Autumn.

3/4 Length 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Strides
Nookie Neoprene 3/4 Strides