SUP – What To Wear?

©Holly Mandaric

You’ve been lured by the SUP board to the water with the promise of beautiful days out, improved fitness and a bikini ready body of your own or to paddle alongside. You may even be tempted by a bit of Yoga.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. The days where only a pair of board shorts or a skimpy bikini will be what you need on the water are slim.

So what do you wear when it’s not 28ºC+ without a breath of wind?

Here’s where Nookie with years of experience designing and making clothing for watersports can help you. You’ve got a SUP, now you just need to choose what to wear.

© Bracken Jelier @ Mount Batten Watersports Centre, Plymouth

A Day For Splashing About

If your day out on your SUP is all about jumping in, as much as paddling along, you want to be wearing some insulation designed for submersion. Instead of opting for a surfing suit, why not try a separate neoprene/wetsuit top and trousers/leggings for ultimate layering versatility and flexibility.

The Nookie 1.0mm Ti Vest is lightweight, offers wind resistance and thermal insulation without the bulk of a full suit. It can be worn against the skin, with a wicking base layer such as the Nookie Softcore Thermal Base, or the NEW Nookie Core Hybrid, (all available in long and short sleeve.)

The unique seamless underarm ‘paddle zones’ are strategically placed for optimal range of motion and anti-chafe comfort. The cuffs and waist are trimmed with smooth glideskin seals to keep out the water and the waist has an adjustable lockable bungee cord. The chafe-free neck has no seams or stitching on the edges to avoid any irritation.

You can add an extra layer over the top with a waterproof/windproof shell like the NKE Centre Jacket.

Pair the Nookie Ti Vest with a pair of wetsuit leggings and you have a comfortable two piece. The Nookie Strides are available in three different lengths; short, 3/4 length/capri and full so you can choose the perfect set-up.

A great fit for both men and women with a dual-dart crotch for comfort and high back for warmth and protection. The 4-way stretch panel on the waist is comfortable for all body shapes and sizes.

Sunny With A Breeze

Some days you just want to get out for a paddle without the faff of squeezing into neoprene. If the weather isn’t too brutal and you just want to keep the wind off and the odd shower at bay, layer up with the Core Hybrid, NKE Centre Salopette, Centre Jacket and the Rockhopper Buoyancy Aid – with lots of pocket space and a hydration bladder pouch for those longer paddles.

Layering With Style

Absolutely Brass Monkeys

… and raining cats and dogs too.

Charger Drysuit

This is where you go “Full Drysuit” with a very smug grin.
You can even layer up with a snug Polartec® Iceman onesie for extra warmth if you’re really braving the elements. This is the premium option for any day that is not an optimal weather window.


We would recommend always paddling in a buoyancy aid for safety. A good fitting buoyancy aid should not get in your way, but is an essential piece of personal protective equipment in the water. It is designed to be a floatation aid to give you extra buoyancy to make it easier to get back on your board. A slim, low profile design like our NKE Centre Vest makes this particularly easy. Our Rockhopper is also a great choice, because its generous low profile front pocket allows you to stow anything from a mobile phone in a waterproof case and plenty of snacks, without being bulky.

NKE Centre Zip PFD – SUP at Mount Batten Watersports Centre

Of course, if the water is warm and the sun is out, we can cater for that too with our range of boardies…

Whatever the weather, make sure you get out and make the most of your SUP board this year.

©Ross Mackley @ Mount Batten Watersports Centre, Plymouth