Designed for Living and Built to Last – Cordura®

All Nookie Buoyancy Aids feature the original durable Cordura® fabric. We believe in making products that last and when it’s a piece of safety equipment it is paramount to be of quality construction. We have always used Cordura® to give that peace of mind so you don’t have to worry.

Cordura® have the tag line: “Designed for living and built to last, the original durable Cordura® fabric has proven performance in many of the world’s toughest environments.” Our NKE Centre Buoyancy Aids are certainly no exception. Coasteering is one of the toughest activities out there for wear and tear on kit. As an ever growing holiday pass time, more and more coasteering companies are choosing our buoyancy aids because of their tough reputation in this demanding environment.

©King Coasteer – Leap Of Faith

Both of our NKE Centre Zip and NKE Centre Vest Buoyancy Aids are a really popular with Outdoor Activity Centres who regularly put them through their paces coasteering, stand-up paddling (SUP), kayaking, dinghy sailing and more.

©Bracken Jelier – Mountbatten Centre – Super SUP

Our Rockhopper Buoyancy Aid also features the same original durable Cordura® fabric. At home on the sea, lake, river or playwave the Rockhopper is a great choice for all sorts of activities. It is particularly favoured among outdoor activity instructors because of it’s durability, easy side entry, large pockets and hydration pouch compatibility.

©Sea Kayak Salcombe – Ready for Anything

Professional users, like instructors, are some of the hardest wearers of kit. This is why most of our product testing is done with them. If it passes their approval, we know it’s going to be dependable.

©Tommy Hatwell – Rockhopper in the Wilderness

So, wherever your next adventure takes you, you know you’re in safe hands with a quality Nookie Buoyancy Aid.

©King Coasteer – Embarking on the Next Adventure