TiZip® Masterseal 10

The robust waterproof zip chosen by Nookie for our U.K. made drywear.

We use the TiZip® Masterseal 10 waterproof zip in all of our U.K made drywear because of it’s tried and tested performance history.

It has been a feature in our premium products from the first Charger Drysuit off our U.K. production line, to the relief zip in every pair of our Pro Bib Salopettes. We are now incorporating it into our new range for 2020, including a comfortable drop seat in the New Women’s Octane Drysuit.

TiZip Masterseal 10

Here comes the science

The TiZip® Masterseal 10 offers a pressure resistance of 500 mbar and a transverse tensile strength of 200N/cm. That’s pretty intense and will withstand anything you manage to put it through. No matter how gnarly that waterfall is. Its waterproof and pressure-resistant properties are secured by the pressing together of the sealing lip across the interlocking elements. This is done with a saltwater-resistant metal slider. We ensure all of our products feature the Q-Strap which prevents over stressing of the zipper when open.

Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
Oil and gasoline-resistant
Hydrolysis resistance depending on temperature and humidity

How to look after your TiZip® Masterseal 10

Every product we make that uses the Masterseal 10 is sent to you with a tube of TiZip Lubricant so you can keep your zip healthy and easy to use.

Masterseal Ti-Zip Oil

In case of dirt or sand in the chain, the zipper may not have the expected tightness, and therfore dryness.
TiZip recommend cleaning with soap and water.
Please thoroughly rinse with clear water afterwards.
Especially if you use TiZip zippers to protect technical devices or even as life-protection, the TiZip zipper should be thorougly cleaned before use.

Step 1 – Before applying the lubrication, please open the zipper completely.
Step 2 – Apply a small amount of the lube about every four inches on the zipper chain, including the dock end.
Step 3 – Open and close the zipper over it’s complete length to spread the lube evenly. If there are dry sections, apply some more.
Step 4 – Wipe off excessive lube with a dry cloth.

We do the research so you don’t have to

We worked long and hard to find a reliable and suitable zip for a watersports drysuit. It has to be dry (obviously), fairly flexible to withstand the rigours of arm movement, smooth enough to open and close and robust enough to withstand a little abuse. We believe we have found the perfect zip and have put it through its paces for nearly a decade in products that have performed all over the world.

Thanks TiZip® for making an incredible zip that makes our products awesome and to all our guinea pigs that do extensive testing out there in the real world.